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QuickBooks Enterprise 2019

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Kee Technologies, Inc. Is a Certified QuickBooks Solution Provider

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  • 60 Day Return: Return within 60 days for any reason for a full refund.
  • Local not Cloud: QuickBooks Enterprise runs on your computer. You are in complete control.
  • Scalable: Choose from 1 to 30 users. Add users anytime as your business grows.
  • Accounting: General Ledger, A/P, A/R, Inventory Management, Robust Reporting. Control you business "from quote to cash."
  • Security and Privacy: Set individual user permissions for over 115 different activities.
  • Industry Editions: Specialized workflows and reports designed for contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, nonprofits, professional service firms, and retailers.
  • Support: 24/7 support by phone or email. US based during normal business hours. Support is provided by QuickBooks Enterprise Specialists. Kee Technologies, Inc. is a certified QuickBooks Solution Provider. You have all the same warranty and support as when you buy direct from Inuit, with one important difference - prices that are discounted and locked in for the life of your account. You may find Enterprise at a greater discount from time to time (indeed, we can sell it to you at these same discounts) but the price will go up to MSRP in 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer, but always back to MSRP at the end of the introductory offer. We, on the other hand, discount the price and lock in the discount in perpetuity.  

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We will save you money!

* one-time discount is 20% for 1 to 4 users, 55% for 5 to 30 users. Renews annually at full price.

** discount is 20% for 1 to 10 users, 12.5% for 30 users. Discount off MSRP is locked in forever -- take 20% off on renewal every year for the life of the account.